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Slot Game Strategy

Slot machines are games of luck, so there are no strategies or techniques to implement. On the other hand, there are some tips and suggestions that may be quite useful for any player who is looking forward to spinning the slots:


Slot Jackpot


Stick With Slots With a Low Jackpot: If you are a land-based casino player, you will notice the slot machines that offer millions in jackpots are not that popular because the chances of hitting the jackpot are very small. This is why you should stick with slot machines that have a jackpot in the $1,000 range since you have a better chance of triggering it. These smaller jackpot slots are known for paying out better rewards more frequently.

Know When You Should Move On: Like any other casino game, you might find yourself on a losing streak. When that happens you should just move on and stop playing or go to another slot to change your luck.

Quit While You Are Ahead: If you have been on a winning streak or have just hit a jackpot, it is a pretty good idea to cash in your winning and leave. The more you play the bigger the chance you might lose what you won (or at least a big chunk of it). Like any casino game, you should quit while you are ahead.

Work According to a Betting Pattern: You should always follow a wagering pattern that will help you earn rewards. For example, always start with the minimum wager possible and, if you lose, up it up a notch and keep increasing the bet after each spin. When you win, do the opposite. The + / C betting pattern is not guaranteed (there are no guaranteed betting patterns for slots because it is 100 percent random) but this can help increase your odds.

Placing the Maximum Wager: Although this contradicts the last tip, it is another way of playing. The aim is to place the highest wager so you can earn high rewards. This is essential in online video slots as some bonuses cannot be triggered if players do not place the max bet.


Slot Strategy


There are also some misconceptions we have to clarify:

  • Playing the game faster will not increase the chances of winning.
  • Clicking on the spin or pulling the lever will not affect the outcome of the slot. They are all the same.
  • Each spin is independent, so the game will never be due to hit.
  • When someone wins a great payout on a slot machine that you left does not mean that you missed that payout. There is a big chance that you wouldnt have hit the same payout because you would not have pulled the lever at the same fraction of a second that this player did.



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