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Slot Game Rules

The rules differ from one slot machine to another. Each slot machine will have its own set of rules printed on the game itself or, in the case of online slots, players can view them by clicking on Game Rules.

Max Bet Only Triggered Bonuses: Some bonuses and jackpots will not be triggered or activated unless players have placed the maximum wager.

Wild Symbols: Wild symbols differ from one game to another and can substitute for any other symbol the slot machine has. These wild symbols will not replace other bonus or scatter symbols.

Triggering the Jackpot: The jackpot is triggered when players get a certain combination of symbols on any of the winning lines of the game. It can be found at the paytable.

Scatter Symbols: Scatter symbols are special symbols that reward players generously in the form of scatter payouts. They can also trigger free spins. Free spins mean players will get a number of spins on the slot for free. They are usually triggered when players get three scatters on the reels.


Scatter Symbols


Apart from these rules, there are some etiquette rules players should follow when playing at a land-based casino or a venue that is offering these slots.

Players can play on two slot machines side by side providing the gambling venue or the casino is not crowded. If it is crowded and there are players waiting to be seated, the attendant will ask players who playing on two slots to end one of the sessions.

Some players prefer to keep clicking on the buttons rapidly thinking that it gives them good
luck. This is usually frowned upon because it causes the buttons to wear out quickly and causes a lot of disturbance to other players in the casino or the gambling venue.

Players who want to watch another player spinning the reels should leave one chair between them and the players unless they plan to play on the slot machine right next to that person. If they do not do that, an attendant will approach them and ask them to move away.

It is ok to celebrate when you get a big win or hit the jackpot, providing you do not celebrate for too long. Also, when you get a big win, you should tip the attendant who is getting the payout for you. Its common etiquette.

Lastly, if you spot a slot machine that has a leaning chair on it, it is advised to leave that slot machine alone. It signals someone was playing at the slot machine and he had to go to the bathroom or get something to drink and he feels that the slot is lucky for him. You should leave it for a maximum of 10 minutes before you move the chair and take a seat.



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