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How to Play Slots

Slot machines can be found at every gambling venue, whether online based or land-based. Because the online gambling world has fewer restrictions in terms of technology and development, players will find a wider array of slot machines than those found at land-based gambling venues. We are going to discuss the gaming procedure for both online slot machines and land-based slots:

For Land-Based Slots:

For land based slots, players will have to buy bar-coded coins, quarters or other coin values the game accepts. Usually, players will see the coin value the game accepts written on the game itself. After players enter the coin in the games slot, they will pull down the lever, causing the reels of the slot to spin. The symbols on these reels are usually themed around fruits that are accompanied by bells, sevens and the usual one bar, two bar and three bar symbols.

After the reels stop spinning, players will be rewarded if they have a winning combination on the games win line. Players can find out the combinations that would make them eligible for a win at the games paytable. This paytable can be found at the top of the reels. It will show the different combos and their rewards.

There are also slot machines that resemble video slots that can be found online. (Some can even be found online with the same features.) These video slots usually have a touch screen that players will use in order to control the game like video poker.


Land Based Slots


For Online Slots:

Players who want to enjoy this game at an online casino will have to follow another gaming procedure. For online slots, players will first choose the game, then they will choose their wagers. Choosing the wagers at any slot machine, whether a classical or a multi-line video slot, includes 3 options:

  • Choose the number of lines that players want to activate by placing their stakes on.
  • Choose the coin value that players want to use to place wagers and get rewards.
  • Choose the number of coins they wish to place on every activated line. All of this creates the wager.The total amount of their bet will be seen under the Bet Cell.
  • After placing the wager, players will be able to start the game by clicking on Spin. It is usually found under the reels in the games control panel in between or next to the wagering options that were mentioned above. The symbols will spin and, after they stop spinning, players will be paid according to the paytable, their bet and the winning combination. The paytable can also be viewed at the top or as players click on View Pays or Paytable that is found somewhere on the games screen.

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