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Roulette Game Rules

Roulette is pretty simple and straightforward, but the game does come with a set of rules and etiquette that players have to know before they start placing chips at the table. Here are some of these important rules:

Roulette Table


  • Players are not permitted to move any of their chips or even touch them once the croupier says no more bets.
  • Once the dealer places the dolly object on the winning number, players should not move or touch the chips before he removes it to signal a new round.
  • Players cannot use a camera or cell phones at the table as all electronics are prohibited.
  • Players can only put cigarettes, drinks, money or chips on the roulette table.
  • Changing chips or cash can only be done between roulette spins and not during the game play.
  • Players who want to place called bets will say it and if the dealer is not busy, he will accept them. These bets are only official if the croupier repeats them in a loud voice.
  • The seats at the table are only for players who have bets on the table. This will happen if there is only 1 player sitting at the roulette table. Players who want to sit at the table have to place bets.
  • Players can only start to place new bets once the dealer clears all of the losing wagers and has paid all of the winning ones from the last spin. Players will then be given time to place wagers and then he will start to spin the next round.

    Table and Chips


    Of course, most of these rules do not exist in the online gambling world. At online casinos, roulette is a single player game where players will have the roulette table for themselves. There are no croupiers, no other players and no colored chips. Playing roulette online is much easier and simpler in than land based roulette.

    You can find plenty of different roulette versions at most online casinos, including the two most commonly played ones, American Roulette and French Roulette. Some casinos may even offer innovative versions of roulette, created just for the online gambling world. For example, the mini roulette game is an optional game containing only half of the numbers that are found on a normal wheel of roulette. There is also multi-wheel roulette versions that enable players to place wagers on up to 8 roulette wheels at the same time as each wheel spins separately. Some of these innovative games have their own rules and payouts, so we advise you to check the rules and payout tables of each game before playing. These rules can be viewed by clicking on Rules or View Rules at the roulette game. Likewise, remember these games may also have their own house edge and payouts.



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