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How to Play Craps

As mentioned before, there are two types of Craps, we are going to discuss the gaming procedure of the most commonly played Craps version, Casino or Bank Craps. This version is the kind of Craps that is played at casinos, this is why in this game, players will place wagers against the casino. The payoffs of the game may differ from one casino to the next.

In this game, players will take turns in rolling the dice. The player who is throwing the dice is called The Shooter. Before the shooter throws the dice, players will place their chips on the bets they want. They will find the different bets on a piece of cloth that is usually green; this piece of cloth has the different available bets printed. So players can easily place their chips on the bets they want to wager on. Players can go ahead and place their chips but there are some wagers that require players to ask the croupiers before putting them.


How to


In order for a Craps player to be the shooter and get the chance to throw the dice, he has to be active at the table by placing bets on either the Pass line or the Do Not Pass line wagers at the table. These bets are also sometimes referred to as Right & Wrong or Win and Dont Win bets.

Players will roll the dice and keep passing it on in a clockwise direction. The player who is throwing the dice, the shooter, will roll his dice until he loses by getting a 7 or until his round is finished. The dealer in this game, also known as the Stickman is the person who represents the casino. He is called a Stickman because he uses a stick in order to collect the chips and move the dice around. The Stickman will present the shooter with 5 different dice and the shooter chooses 2 of them. The remaining dice will be placed in the bowl.

There are numerous bet types that can be placed at the Craps table; we are going to discuss the most common one, the Line Wager. This type contains two bets; they are called the Pass Line and the Dont Pass line wagers. The first one is a bet that the person shooting the dice will win.

If the first roll which is also referred to as the come out dice roll comes out with a 7 or an eleven, then the dice shooter will win. If the dice is equal 2, three or 12, the shooter will lose. One the other hand, if the dice comes out with any other outcome than the ones mentioned, this value will be called Point. In this case, the shooter will have to throw the dice again.

If he succeeds in rolling the same value of the point before rolling a 7, he will win but if he rolls a 7 before he rolls the Point value, he will lose. The other bet is called the Do Not Pass wager, it is the exact opposite. Both bets pay 1:1.





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